“Ozzy is a driven, focussed and energetic actor whose attention to detail is notable in his performance. The best Agent 47 there ever was.”

guy hepworth – Adhoc actors

“It was a pleasure to work with Ozzy on a video production for a major national charity. He brought his talent, dedication and professionalism to the role, which if I’m honest sometimes still doesn’t count for much when you watch the rushes back and see what you’ve got n the can, but am delighted to say Ozzy’s portrayal jumped out as authentic and pitch perfect. Highly recommend casting Ozzy.”

Tony Lundon – Senior Producer / Spirit Media

“I cast Ozzy as the lead in a music video called ‘Bottle It Up’ and from the very beginning he stood out to me as a consummate professional. He understood and reacted brilliantly to any direction we threw at him; bringing his own nuances to the character also. On top of that he went above and beyond with his time and effort towards the project, for the sheer joy and belief in what we were doing. He was extremely dependable and a thrill to work alongside. Ozzy is one of the most dedicated and passionate actors that I’ve had the joy to work with and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.”

Chris Tavener – Singer/Songwriter

“Though I have only had the opportunity of working with Ozzy once, he has displayed brilliant work ethic and a strong passion for his craft which I am sure will carry him as far as he desires. Also a great energy with an adept capability of bringing a character to life.”

Joshua paul – director / Transitions Media Enterprises