Specialised in Psychedelic – Trance, Progressive, Techno, Chill


Ozzy Cetin, originally from Turkey and now based in London, is a renowned psytrance DJ known by aliases such as Mysticism, Wired, Ramizes, and Freetech. He is the driving force behind Crystal Kids, a Manchester-based community organizing psytrance events.

His journey into DJing began in 2004 in Eskisehir, Turkey, under the moniker ‘RAMIZES,’ where he showcased progressive and full-on psychedelic trance at his events. Over the years, he expanded his repertoire, introducing ‘MYSTICISM’ for psychill and ‘FREETECH’ for darkpsy in 2013. From 2011 to 2014, Ozzy immersed himself in Turkey’s psytrance scene, participating in major indoor and outdoor events both as a crew member and DJ.

Ozzy’s talent gained international recognition, leading him to perform at prestigious festivals such as OZORA, Earthcore, Boomtown, Sonica, Free-Earth, One Tribe, and The Beat-Herder from 2014 to 2017. As techno began to blend seamlessly with psytrance, Ozzy embraced this fusion, forming the alter ego ‘WIRED’ in 2019 to explore zenonesque, dark progressive, psygressive, and psytech sounds.

His prowess behind the decks earned him ‘The Best DJ Set’ awards at online competitions hosted by Earthcore Festival (Australia, 2015), Primitive Festival (Morocco, 2016), Psymera (UK, 2017), and Strange Daze (UK, 2017).

Since 2004, Ozzy has performed at countless international psytrance events, with a detailed bookings list available on his Soundcloud profile, where he meticulously curates each set with a unique tracklist. His Soundcloud playlists stand out as a definitive collection of the genre’s best tracks, showcasing the talent of psytrance artists worldwide.

Since 2015, Ozzy has been actively organizing events in both Turkey and the UK, further cementing his role as a prominent figure in the global psytrance community.