Quantum Physics & Subtitles

With the constant development of the quantum physics, we now have giant quantum computers still in progress. When quantum computing enter our homes, will they provide constant subtitle tracks shown on the screen in any different language we choose as the person recorded or live on camera speaks?


Vegan diet was something calling me for about 3 years now. Consuming animal products was not feeling right at all. I finally managed to become a vegan person. It already feels amazing.

Santa`s Elf

First time in my life, I worked as a Santa`s Elf at a Grotto at one of the major shopping centres in London. It was one of the most interesting experience ever. I had chance to interact with families with kids for 3 weeks and this gave me a lot of confidence for potential similar jobs in the future as well as widened my perfective about kids entertaining. Kids are angels! They have amazingly pure energies which make them really feel a grown up’s vibe. I feel so relaxed and had a level up in life after this experience. Bless kids..


Started hosting quizzes in London pubs last week. What a joyful job to do really! It entertains everyone who is getting involved or not. I saw the bar staff laughing around during the event, they were laughing at me maybe don`t know 🙂 What I know is everybody including me had an amazing time in the pub. Looking forward to this week`s event already!

Doctorate study at the University of Life ahead..

I spent 2,5 years in Manchester, UK and felt like I’ve got a decent MA degree from the University of Life. I moved to London to start a fresher life last week and this one feels like it’ll be my doctorate degree 😀 I’d love to thank all my teachers in Manchester for all the lessons I’ve got and thanks to all good friends who shared this quality time with me, it’s been a great pleasure  🙏

Hello world!

Getting into one of the most challenging and exciting careers in this world makes me feels like; the whole life experience has been gathered until now was a preparation for it. Cannot wait to share it with everyone out there!..