Happy new year!

I wish you all the best of health, peace, success and wealth with your beloved ones in 2021. Let’s hold it tight and keep it together. We’ve got this! We should all have our lessons from last year and start this new year at an upper level of being a human. We have one planet and one life to live on it. We did not consciously choose to be, we have no idea what is being, how it started nor how it will end. Let’s take it as a gift and make the most of it with the best intentions for ourselves and for our environment.

What Happened to 2020 ?

2020 was definitely the shortest year of the last 35 for me. It is unbelievable how it started and ended. It felt like a fraction of a second. Do you feel the same or is it just me? We all have been through a lot this year. I hope things will get better next year. I wish you all the best of health, peace and wealth in 2021.

New Car

My father passed away in 2011 and I used his car for a couple of years after leaving the cruise ships, more on cruises later. Then I sold the car in 2013 as it was a bit too worn and I was thinking of moving far east after selling everything, not based on “Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I sold most of my stuff although things did not go as planed, how usual. I spent the money on organising open air and indoor electronic music events and was never be able to buy another car, until this month! Feels great indeed. I am really grateful for everything, life is hard, yet it has some great rewards for the ones who work out their way patiently.

SA Work

This topic confuses all actors. Shall we do extra work or not? It probably depends on which tier you are at as an actor. If you are a newbie like me then yes I think you should do some SA work. Personally I do it as much as I can because I do not have a full-time job, performing is my survival job. Although, I recently started to question myself on this subject harder. On the other hand, I happened to be chosen for a core SA team of a very high profile feature film production which will go on until April 2021. They will be booking me literally almost half of each month until the end which will probably save me for the time being really. It is too good to refuse. I am really hoping that this production would be my last background work as I strongly believe that I am ready for a tier jump in my acting career.

Voice-over Career

After thinking enough and doing a deep research about it the last a few months, I decided to launch a voice over business. I am already an isolated person, I have a unique voice and accent, I am a full time performer. I am a DJ and recently started producing my own tracks. I am a video gamer. When I put all these facts together I do not see any reasons why I should not go for it. Starting from this month, I will train, set up a home studio, practice and produce my demo reels in a professional recording studio when I am ready. I am aiming to start working professionally by the end of Summer 2021. My main genres would probably be gaming and animations due to my voice type and accent. Very exciting indeed!

New Flat

I had been living in a studio loft for a year in London. The ceiling was that low I was able to stand straight only in the middle of the flat and the bathroom was that small I had to create and memorise a special series of movement to be able to reach the toilet seat! My neighbours and the neighbourhood were not the best in the city either.

I moved in to a one bedroom flat today which is in one of the best neighbourhoods in North London. The ceilings are that high I cannot reach even if I jump to touch them! It has a proper bathroom with a bathtub in it. This feels like I am a human again.

Jobs, Pandemic, UK

Jobs are still very quiet although there is a small hope that they will slightly start soon. It is really hard to survive without jobs however being in the UK is kind of lucky during pandemic as it seems like the government is trying hard to take care of its people. I am grateful for living in the UK and hoping things will get better for everyone in the world without damaging much more.

Family & Stress

Spending time with family is actually very important as long as there is no stress going on between each other. If you have a stress free family you live with, you are lucky. Well there is stress everywhere in life although we can still work on how to reduce it. If you are living apart from your ‘stress minimum’ family, try to create time to see them when you can, it really helps to move on in life 🙂


Regardless how hard are the times, I believe we should keep exercising to maintain a healthy metabolism and mind. More we exercise more our body will have power and protection it needs to fight with the harmful outside effects. Believe in yourselves. We got this!

Quantum Physics & Subtitles

With the constant development of the quantum physics, we now have giant quantum computers still in progress. When quantum computing enter our homes, will they provide constant subtitle tracks shown on the screen in any different language we choose as the person recorded or live on camera speaks?